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We create e-commerce platforms, algorithms and artificial intelligence modules with the aim of facilitating the national and international marketing of fashion brands.

In less than a year of existence, we have created our first platform that is already online since September 19.

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The marketplace for luxury artisans

International development has never been so fashionable is a marketplace that gives visibility to French and international professionals in independent luxury fashion, by promoting local, artisanal and responsible textile production. More than 300 ethical brands sell on our marketplace. We have created a community of designers and luxury brands who, through their creations, showcase the best of the textile culture of their countries.


Automatic customs procedures to facilitate foreign trade.

To facilitate the marketing of the brands that work with us, we have designed an automatic invoicing system adapted to imports and exports according to their sales territories. Our algorithm automatically calculates customs charges according to the territory of sale and purchase to automate fiscal processes.

Together we can go far

We need you to follow the development of our artificial intelligence, augmented reality and metaverse modules to optimize the contact between users and products and reduce the environmental impact of e-commerce.

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    LESSORTECH is a French company created in Paris in April 2021. The commercial activity of the company began on August 23, 2021 and from that moment we began programming our marketplace as well as prospecting for fashion brands.

    The company has already been awarded a grant from the French public bank for its innovation department as well as being part of RESEAU ENTREPRENDRE.

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    LESSORTECH is a young and innovative company,
    with an international and multicultural vision.

    We are curious and authentic, so we are always in the creative process. We believe in diversity, equality, and respect the opinions of our collaborators. At Lessortech, we know how to listen. We are convinced that diversity is the fuel that drives our ideas, and that distances and difficulties are reduced when a team shares the same vision. LESSORTECH – Push up your ideas.